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At Ascensi Academy, we're dedicated to providing you with unique extraordinary education that embarks you on a journey of personal and professional growth with us.


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Choosing an Ascensi academy is a significant decision that can shape your educational and personal development.


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We are proud to announce that Ascensi Academy is accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), a testament to our commitment to educational excellence. With our KHDA accreditation, you can trust in the quality of our courses and the expertise of our instructors.


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Expert educators will inspire, mentor, and guide you effectively.



We are dedicated to safeguarding your confidentiality and providing services with the utmost discretion.


What Says Our Students

The etiquette course provided me with a comprehensive understanding of social graces, manners, and cultural awareness. I learned the art of effective communication, proper dining etiquette, and how to present myself with confidence and poise. These skills not only boosted my self-assurance but also enhanced my interactions with others.


I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact this modeling course has had on my life. It has not only shaped my career but also helped me discover my true potential. I highly recommend anyone passionate about modeling to embark on this transformative journey—it could be the key to unlocking a world of opportunities and personal growth.


Participating in the bride course was an invaluable experience that profoundly impacted my journey. As a bride-to-be, I was filled with excitement and anticipation, but also a fair share of nerves and uncertainties. The bride course provided me with a wealth of knowledge, support, and inspiration, making my transition into marriage smooth and memorable.


Become an Instructor

Become An Instructor

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and expertise with others? As an instructor, you can create engaging courses, provide valuable insights, and foster a supportive learning environment. Join the ranks of educators and share your expertise to help shape the minds of future learners!