About Course

Beauty pageant courses by Miss World Mireia Lalaguna are designed to help ladies develop the necessary skills and confidence to compete in beauty pageants. These course include:

What Will I Learn?

  • Grooming and Etiquette: Ladies learn about personal grooming, poise, and proper etiquette.
  • Public Speaking: Public speaking and communication skills are crucial in beauty pageants. Course include training in public speaking, effective communication, and interview techniques.
  • Fitness and Nutrition: Participants are educated about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including fitness routines and balanced nutrition plans.
  • Runway Training: For those interested in beauty pageant, runway training is a crucial component. Students learn how to perfect their walk, posture, and presence on the runway. They practice walking in different types of clothing and shoes.
  • Confidence Building: Building self-confidence is a significant part of pageant training. Ladies learn how to carry themselves with confidence on stage and during interviews.
  • Wardrobe and Styling: Participants are guided on choosing appropriate attire for different segments of the pageant and developing a personal style.
  • Pageant-Specific Training: Course focus on preparing condidats for specific pageants, understanding the criteria, and tailoring training accordingly.
Beauty Pageant By Miss World
AED 4,500
  • Schedule6 days course
  • Duration6 days course
  • Capacity15 students
  • Type of ClassAdults Female Only