About Course

Welcome to "Emirati Cultural Insights: Beyond the Surface," an immersive online course designed to explore the rich tapestry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This course aims to take you on a journey through the heart of the Emirati way of life, from its historical roots to the bustling, cosmopolitan society it is today.

What Will I Learn?

  • Discovering the Emirates: Delve into the UAE’s past and place, unraveling the integral role of tradition and cultural diversity in shaping Emirati society.
  • Foundations of Emirati Ethos: Explore the pillars of Emirati life including hospitality, kinship, and fidelity, and understand the intertwined nature of religion with the nation’s cultural fabric.
  • Celebrating Emirati Heritage: Uncover the essence of Emirati traditions and Islamic festivals, and the significance of customary greetings and celebrations.
  • The Language of the Emirates: Learn the basics of Arabic, essential for communication, and discover the nuances of non-verbal expressions within the UAE.
  • The Emirati Palate: Experience the flavors and customs of Emirati cuisine, learn about dining decorum, and the social importance of culinary hospitality.
  • Emirati Attire Explained: Navigate the conventions of Emirati dress, learn to select appropriate attire for various settings, and blend modesty with style.
  • Professional Practices in the UAE: Gain insights into the formalities of Emirati business engagements, the art of networking, and social norms at events.
  • Cultural Awareness and Mindfulness: Develop strategies to demonstrate respect within Emirati culture, avoid misinterpretations, and embrace the nation's cultural plurality.
  • Navigating Everyday Life in the UAE: Equip yourself with practical knowledge for everyday living, from transport to legalities, for a smooth transition to life in the UAE.
  • The Contemporary Emirati Tapestry: Reflect on the balance between modern influences and cultural preservation, and the dynamic evolution of Emirati culture on the global stage.
Emirati Cultural Insights
AED 2,000
  • Schedule3 days course
  • Duration2h per class
  • Capacity12 students
  • Type of ClassAll Ages