About Course

An acting course is a structured educational program designed to teach individuals the art and craft of acting for the stage, screen, or other performance mediums. These courses are intended to develop a participant's acting skills, knowledge, and practical experience.

What Will I Learn?

  • Acting Techniques: Acting courses often start with the exploration of various acting techniques, such as Stanislavski, Meisner, Lee Strasberg, or contemporary methods. Participants learn how to connect emotionally with their characters and deliver authentic performances.
  • Character Development: Students are taught how to analyze scripts, dissect characters, and develop a deep understanding of their roles. They learn how to create well-rounded, believable characters with distinct personalities, motivations, and emotions.
  • Scene Study: Acting students practice performing scenes from plays, films, or television scripts. This involves working with scene partners and applying acting techniques to bring the scene to life.
  • Voice and Speech: Actors work on their vocal skills, including projection, articulation, and modulation. Course includes exercises to improve clarity and diction.
  • Movement and Body Language: Students learn how to use their bodies effectively on stage or in front of the camera. This includes body awareness, physicality, and creating convincing physical characterizations.
  • Improvisation: Improvisation exercises help actors think on their feet, enhance spontaneity, and develop creativity. Improv skills are valuable for both scripted and unscripted performances.
  • Monologues: Actors work on monologues, which are solo performances typically used in auditions. This involves selecting, rehearsing, and refining monologues to showcase their acting range and abilities.
  • Script Analysis: Understanding the subtext, themes, and dramatic elements of a script is crucial. Actors learn how to analyze scripts to make informed acting choices.
  • Characterization: Students explore various aspects of character portrayal, including physicality, psychology, and emotional depth.
  • On-Camera Acting: For those interested in film and television acting, on-camera techniques are covered. This includes understanding camera angles, marks, and continuity.
AED 3,500 / month
  • Schedule12 classes / month
  • Duration3h per class
  • Capacity15 students
  • Type of ClassAdults Only