About Course

Modeling course for kids involves tailoring the curriculum to their age group and focusing on building confidence, poise, and basic modeling techniques.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to Modeling: Introduce modeling by explaining its essence and emphasizing confidence, self-expression, and a healthy body image.
  • Basic Posture and Movement: Practice natural smiling and expressing emotions through facial expressions and body language to enhance presence.
  • Facial Expressions and Body Language: Introduce fashion and style, offering tips on dressing for various occasions and understanding personal body types.
  • Cultivating Proper Table Etiquette: Instill fundamental table etiquette by teaching upright seating, discreet chewing, correct cutlery use, and emphasizing the importance of waiting for all to be served and politely requesting items.
  • Runway Techniques: Instruct on runway techniques, focusing on confident walking, turns, poses, and transitions.
  • Photographic Posing: Explore photographic posing, teaching kids to work with photographers and convey emotions through poses.
  • Professionalism and Etiquette: Educate on professionalism and etiquette, highlighting the importance of punctuality, respect, and proper behavior in the industry.
  • Confidence Building Activities: Engage in confidence-building activities, like role-playing, to foster self-esteem and promote positive self-talk and body positivity.
Kids Modelling and Etiquette
AED 2,000
  • Schedule6 days course
  • Duration1h per class
  • Capacity15 students
  • Type of ClassLadies Only