About Course

Ascensi Academy's Flower Arrangements for Home Master Class covers:

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic Design Techniques: Learn essential skills for aesthetically pleasing arrangements.
  • Seasonal Selection: Choose flowers based on the seasons for a personalized touch.
  • Tools and Materials: Get hands-on with basic tools and understand essential materials.
  • Stunning Centerpieces: Craft eye-catching centerpieces to enhance your home.
  • Care and Maintenance: Extend the lifespan of your arrangements with proper care.
  • Personalized Guidance: Receive individual tips to adapt designs to your style.
  • Budget-Friendly Tips: Create beautiful arrangements on a budget.
  • Take-Home Creation: Craft and take home your personalized flower arrangement.
Home Flower arrangement Class
AED 1,000
  • Schedule1 day
  • Duration5h
  • Capacity12 students
  • Type of ClassLadies Only