About Course

In a one-day runway class at Ascensi Academy, you can expect to cover the following key aspects:

What Will I Learn?

  • introduction to Runway Modeling: Overview of the fashion industry and the role of a runway model.
  • Basic Posture and Walk Techniques: Fundamental principles of maintaining good posture and the basics of runway walking.
  • Pacing and Timing: Understanding the importance of pacing and timing in a runway walk.
  • Turns and Poses: Introduction to different turns and basic posing techniques on the runway.
  • Facial Expressions: Brief exploration of conveying emotions through facial expressions during a runway walk.
  • Confidence Building Exercises: Activities and exercises to boost confidence on the runway.
  • Runway Etiquette: Overview of professional behavior, backstage etiquette, and interactions with designers and other models.
  • Q&A Session: An opportunity for participants to ask questions and seek further clarification on runway modeling.
One Day Runway Class
AED 1,000
  • Schedule1 day
  • Duration5h
  • Capacity12 students
  • Type of ClassLadies Only